Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Tree of Probabilities Nightfall, Flashpoint Nessus and Rumble

Destiny 2 DFA

The weekly reset has come and gone for Bungie’s Destiny 2, bringing a typical Nightfall, the usual Flashpoint and so on and so forth. First off, the Weekly Featured Crucible playlist is not Iron Banner 6v6. Instead, due to a late-breaking issue, this has been delayed. Rumble has been made available again with a few fixes here and there.

The Nightfall this week is Tree of Probabilities, set on Mercury with no modifiers. Instead, players can pick up a Challenge Card after finishing the normal Nightfall and partake in the Prestige Nightfall. This Challenge Card allows you to add burn modifiers and reduce your Power level for higher score multipliers.

Earn higher scores for emblems and if you’re lucky, the new Nightfall exclusive Legendary hand cannon, DFA, should drop. This week’s Flashpoint is Nessus so complete Patrols and Public Events for powerful loot via Milestones. Invest in Cayde-6’s Treasure Maps for additional useless loot to collect.

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