EA Loses PGA Tour License, Picked Up by Independent Developer HB Studios

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

While the PGA Tour series (first in collaboration with Tiger Woods, and then with Rory McIroy) was once a pretty major release under the EA Sports label, it seems like EA has finally decided to relinquish the license. Independent developer HB Studios announced today that it has gained official rights from the PGA Tour to add officially licensed courses to their upcoming The Golf Club 19.

The PGA Tour’s licensing director Matt Iofredo spoke of the rights not being with EA anymore, telling GolfChannel.com that they had enjoyed a “long-term successful partnership” with EA, and that the split between the two organizations was “amicable”. Iofredo added that he views video games as a good way to generate interest in golf as a sport, and he was happy that the rights had gone to a new company.

So that’s that- the result of all this? You can no longer purchase EA’s golf games from any digital store, nor can you get them on EA/Origin Access. If you want a copy now, hunt down a physical one before they are all gone.

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