EA’s Jade Raymond Is Interested In Innovative Social Action Adventure Games

EA Motive has a lot of interesting ideas about how gaming can move forward, and where it’s moving backwards. Following on from some comments on Lootgate, which was sparked by EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II, the General Manager of the sub studio, Jade Raymond dropped a few hints about where they want to go next.

Raymond’s interview with USGamer highlighted her studio’s desire to innovate and create something new. Her desire is to foster a studio with many people of different backgrounds who can lead the way into new territory instead of being stuck with three year old trends. The most interesting piece is where Raymond suggests that the next big step is social action/adventure games, which might be where we can expect their mysterious new IP to go.

While it sounds like Raymond and her team are very busy trying to create a unique experience, it’s going to be some time before we see what they’re working on. EA Motive’s project isn’t expected until fiscal 2021. You can see the entire interview at USGamer.

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