Game of Thrones Theme Played on Nintendo Labo by Original Composer Ramin Djawadi

Nintendo’s hardware continues to show off its versatility.

nintendo labo

The Nintendo Labo is a hugely versatile piece of kit that can be used to do a lot of things. How versatile are we talking? Well, versatile enough that the famous and iconic Game of Thrones theme, composed by Ramin Djawadi, was played on the Labo piano by, well, none other than Ramin Djawadi.

You can see the video where he does that, courtesy of IGN, for yourself below. Amusingly enough, Djawadi had never encountered the Labo, or even the Switch, prior to this, but he seems to have managed figuring out how things work remarkably well- it doesn’t take him too long to get the theme going on Nintendo’s cardboard contraption.

Nintendo Labo Toycon 01: Variety Kit (which is the one in question here) lets you use cardboard with Nintendo Switch’s Joycons for a variety of applications, this being one of them. It is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch- it literally couldn’t work with any other hardware on the market.

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