Madman’s Mortar Miner Bait Deck

Hello everyone, it’s Norbysweg here again, and today we’ll be talking about a brand new Mortar Miner bait deck I made myself, which stands a solid chance against everything in the current meta: Ladder and Grand challenges as well.

miner mortar

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale MortarClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Bats
Clash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale ZapClash Royale The Log

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  • Cycles very well at 2.9 average Elixir
  • Has many different options of attacking, punishes the one spell user severely
  • It’s a full common deck with two legendaries that are slightly level-independent, being an excellent option for F2P players.
  • Counters the current Hog, 3M, Bait meta well while managing to break through the strongest defense.
  • Keeps excellent pressure and deals good chip.


  • Doesn’t have a tank, neither something to stun/distract splash attackers.
  • Defense crumbles against Three spell user
  • Can hardly comeback

I called this deck the Madman’s Mortar bait, because, essentially, it’s just Mortar, Miner, two spells and Bait, with no actual tank!

I was horrified by the idea of dealing with splash troops when I made it, but with time and practice I managed to organize my thoughts into textbook defense you can start doing right now and win games!

I won two Grand Challenges with it, and also climbed to my season highest, top 400 global!

You won’t only be learning a weird Mortar deck in this guide, but also get a feel of an experienced Mortar bait player’s thoughts, and learn the Archetype itself and what makes it so strong that it’s been used since 8 metas ago!

Madman’s Mortar Miner Bait Deck

Clash Royale MortarMortar – Your secondary win condition.

The Mortar will mostly be a lean-back defensive card, which will protect you of vulnerable splash attackers and pull most troops.

Depending on the matchup, Mortar could be used as the main win condition.

For example, vs. Log Bait, the enemy can easily deal with an upcoming Minion Horde or any kind of bait, but a well followed-up Mortar will be much bigger of a threat for him.

Mortar has three specific placements I’ve talked about in the last guide:

  1. The standard attacking placement is at the Bridge, 1 tile from it and 1 (or 2) tile from the side of the arena.
  2. The anti-Hog or anti-hound placement is right at the middle of the arena, at the river, on the lane enemy’s attacking on. What this placement does is separate the Hog from its tanker most of the time, and using a cheap troop to kill the Hog while the Mortar does damage on the Tower, or exposing the Balloon from the Lavaloon push, letting you chip away with Spear Goblins and Bats, keeping it exposed and unprotected for as long as it reaches the Tower.
  3. The defensive Mortar placement is 3 tiles from the King, 3 tiles from the arena Tower that’s attacked (vs. Hog and Battle Ram), or 3 tiles from the king and 4 tiles from the arena Tower (pulls tanks to the maximum distance, e.g. Giant, Golem), or 4 tiles from the king and 4 tiles from the arena Tower (this way your opponent can’t Fireball both the Tower and the Mortar, while still pulling tanks and distracting siege buildings.

mortar placements

Clash Royale MinerMiner – Your primary win condition, your Miner should be used in the best way possible, as he’s your only tanker for your bait.

Deep Miner bait understanding means that you picture the best scenario for using it based on the enemy’s deck, for example if your opponent has a Battle Ram in rotation and you use your Miner with three Bats, your Minion Horde that will defend his Ram won’t be able to do anything to the enemy.

If you would let the Bats go and use the Miner with the Minion Horde, you would have a higher chance of success, and even modify your rotation to counter your opponent everytime.


Clash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Goblin GangMinion Horde, Bats, Spear Goblins and Goblin Gang – Your bait cards, they seem to have the same roles and just go over the top, but each of them has different roles and specific uses in my eyes.

For example, against a Golem push, I’ll use the Spear Goblins to chip at the Golem from far away, use my Bats to tank a few hits from the splash attacker for a bit, then my Minion Horde to kill it, and Bats to kill the Golemites fast or chip at any card he might add to his push.

I chose to have an all-bait deck because it’s manageable with experience and skill, and it also puts a lot of pressure on your opponent, which is a key aspect in this meta.

Clash Royale ZapClash Royale The LogLog, Zap – Your spells.

As you’re playing a Mirror matchup or a fellow bait deck, you want to set roles for each of them.

For example if your opponent uses Goblin Gang on defense, you shouldn’t Zap it unless you have an Elixir advantage, or he could punish you with a Minion Horde and you’ll only have the Log in hand.

General Gameplan

As the game starts, you should never start first, because Mortar bait is a punish deck, which means you should adapt to the opponent’s playstyle and counter it, other than you setting the pace.

There are a few starting moves you can do, but never use Miner on offense if you suspect they have a Pump.

You can start off with Spear Goblins in front, split Goblin Gang in the back or Bats in the back.

As the opponent does his move, you want to punish or play accordingly, depending on the situation.

First up, the punishing:

The best way of punishing is a Miner and a heavy bait troop (Gob Gang or Horde), with Zap in hand.

I prefer switching up my Miner placements everytime, because you don’t really want your opponent to get an Elixir advantage, because your defense can’t handle it all game.

What you want to do is make sure the Miner locks on to the Pump, or the push does good damage at least.

If your punish doesn’t do nothing to the Pump, don’t cycle like crazy just to kill it!

Your opponent will cycle back to his Pump and you’ll have nothing for it!

The game is based on you finding your opponent’s counters: Spells and splash attackers, and outcycle them like crazy, by always staying one step ahead of them.

This way you put pressure, have the ability to defend easier, and start dominating the flow of the match.

Tips & Tricks

  • Bats can be used well at distracting Executioner, Wizard and Hunter if you place the Bats one tile next, not on the top of them. This way they will target 1 bat first, while the others deal damage.
  • When defending a push with a heavy splash attacker, use blitz defense, and rely heavily on the Mortar. With blitz defense you place down more cards near him, in opposite directions, this way he will get distracted by the smaller card while the heavy bait kills it, or you can wait for it to lock on the Mortar and use your heavy bait to kill it.
  • Against Graveyard, use your Minion Horde on the tanking push, rely on the Goblin Gang to defend the Graveyard, and use the Spear Goblins outside of the Poison to finish it off. You can also rely on spells to be sure you get the least damage and don’t lose too much Elixir to Poison, but save the Log for the Tombstone or the Guards he might have.
  • Never attack with Mortar if you know he has a tank in hand. This just puts you in a handicap, Elixir disadvantage and messes up your cycle.
  • Don’t send your Spear Goblins for chip damage if your opponent’s deck is based around Minions and Horde: they are your weapon against them!
  • With this variation of bait, you don’t want to send your Miner on offense alone that often: Your leftover bait troops will be worthless in offense.
  • When defending against tough splash pushes, use the Defensive Miner to tank the splash attacker, so you can kill it with your bait!
  • Managing your hand and manipulating your opponent’s : maybe the most important feature in this deck, the way to keep the pressure up against a many spell user: If he has Zap in hand, don’t use your Bats or Spear Goblins in defense, Use the Goblin Gang so the Zap doesn’t get deadly value! This way you can use the Minion Horde or Bats when he only has e.g. Log in hand.
  • Against Hog 2.6, Bats is your best answer. If you see a lone Hog coming down, simply use Bats on him because his deck doesn’t have anything to help the Hog with! This way you can invest more in your upcoming Mortar push!
  • With this deck, Mortar opposite lane is a rarity. If your opponent puts a Golem on one side, you better not go Mortar other lane, because he might just support the Golem, making it impossible for you to defend with more support. You’ll be relying on your defensive Mortar a lot vs. beatdown.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this guide!

It took me a long time to master Mortar bait without any kind of help, but I hope you will use these tips for success, and maybe write a guide yourself!

Feel free to tell me your opinion and results about the deck in the comments below! La revedere!

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