Metal Slug XX Coming to PS4 This Summer

Metal slug xx

We have already reported on a whole lot of SNK classics being re-released this year; however, it seems as though that’s not all. SNK’s PSP classic Metal Slug XX will be returning to consoles this year, too—in fact, you will be able to play it as early as Summer this year, when Metal Slug XX launches on the PS4.

As of right now, we know the game will be available digitally (because it has a listing on the PSN Store), but beyond that, we don’t have much information handy. We do know what Metal Slug XX is, on the other hand—the game was a revisit of Metal Slug 7 which launched on the DS originally. It’s a well loved game, and fans of the series will presumably be happy to play it on a modern console.

As we learn more information about the upcoming game, we will keep you posted.

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