Monster Hunter World Adds New Elder Dragon, Gear and Weapons on April 19th

Out of the blue, Capcom has announced a new Elder Dragon will be coming to Monster Hunter World on April 19th. The monster’s name is Kulve Taroth and will be available as part of a limited time quest called Siege. Check out the Elder Dragon below and learn to fear the bling-bling.

The new Siege quest is interesting because it will take four groups of four Hunters in a single Gathering Hub to investigate and gather evidence for the monster. It remains to be seen if all 16 Hunters will face down Kulve Taroth at the same time but the trailer certainly indicates a huge battle taking place.

Of course, with a new Elder Dragon comes new gear and players will be able to craft some truly shiny gear from Kulve Taroth. New weapons are also coming including a new Great Sword and Insect Glaive, the former possessing a sleek black and gold aesthetic.

What are your thoughts on the new Elder Dragon? Let us know in the comments below and whether you’ll be pursuing Kulve Taroth or not.

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