Monster Hunter World Update 2.01 Available Now

It’s a pretty small update.

Monster Hunter World Updated Schedule

Capcom has released the newest update for its extremely successful action RPG, Monster Hunter World. The new update is version number 2.01 (version 2.00.01 for Xbox One owners), and is available to download now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 right now.

The newest patch actually is pretty small, as the incremental version number bump should indicate. It’s mostly cleaning up after the substantially larger 2.00 patch that was released a while ago. Among the things it addresses are the bow’s Dragon Piercer attacks, and selecting load outs for Arena Quests. And that’s it. I did say this was a smaller update, didn’t I?

Monster Hunter World launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26 worldwide, and has since become Capcom’s highest selling game of all time. A version of the game for the PC is also due out later this year, but it won’t be out until Fall, so there’s a bit of a wait for that one.

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