Sonic Racing 3 More Information Will Be Coming Shortly

“Get ready. It’s on the horizon.”

We already know that Sega is working on a third Sonic Racing game to follow up on the success of Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, and its follow up, Transformed. Rumors on the third game have been circulating for a while, and Sega explicitly confirmed a third version of the game at SXSW. However, that’s all we’ve known- until now.

Sega’s PR and social media head Aaron Webber confirmed during a recent live stream that more information on Sonic Racing 3 should be coming up shortly- in fact, based on how you interpret what he said, it also sounds like a third game might be right around the corner in terms of release date.

“A lot of you have been waiting for news and information, and you’re very curious about what that title was that we teased back at South by Southwest, and at least in the near future, you might be hearing some more news and information about that. So hey, that’s coming up. Get ready. It’s on the horizon,” he said.

Given how great the first two games, especially Transformed, were, I hope the third one can live up to them- we haven’t had any good kart racers for a while now (except for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which, admittedly, is the best kart racer of all time).

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