The Banner Saga 3 Launches July 24

Coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Stoic Games has confirmed that it will be concluding its epic turn based strategy/role playing game/choice based adventure game series with The Banner Saga 3 this July, when it launches on July 24 worldwide. Publisher Versus Evil confirmed that The Banner Saga 3 will be available on that date for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PCs running Windows and Mac; a version of the game for iOS and Android mobile devices will also be coming later in the year.

Presumably, the Switch versions of The Banner Saga 1 and 2, which have already previously been announced, will be coming out before then, especially given how story and continuity oriented the series is,

We also got a brand new trailer for the game, which you can see for yourself below- although, again, if you haven’t finished the previous two games in the series, maybe attempt to hold off for now? Or you might end up spoiling yourself.

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