The Year Of The Legendaries Continues With Another Pokemon Distribution In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Say Alola to your new Xernas or Yvetal.

Pokemon’s year long legendary celebration continues as of May 4, granting trainers any of the Alola based 3DS games a brand new legendary monster to add to their collection. This go around, the box legendaries of the main Generation 6 titles are yours for the taking.

After a short trip to Gamestop in the US, Players of Pokemon Sun or Ultra Sun will be granted the Dark/Flying type bringer of destruction Yvetal, first introduced in Pokemon Y, while Ultra Moon or Moon trainers gain Xerneas from Pokemon X. The distribution is significant to Ultra game trainers as they are given the pokemon opposite to the one they’ll find in their title.

Details on the Pokemon weren’t available as of press time, but if it’s anything like past distributions, players will be given a stronger Monster holding a rare item should they redeem their code within one of the Ultra games.

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