Titanfall 3 Tease Coming Tomorrow

Just don’t release it right next to Battlefield again.

So this is, uh, something. The official Titanfall Instagram account has posted a cryptic video, promising something for… tomorrow. The caption reads, “5.26.18 “Incoming Transmission” posted by Senior Animator at Respawn Entertainment. #PassItOn”, which, you know, also makes it sound like it’s a reasonably big deal (since it’s something they want actively shared and passed on).

Is it going to be Titanfall 3? I hope it is Titanfall 3, because Titanfall 2 was absolutely great. If it is Titanfall 3, I also hope EA has the good sense to not launch it right next to Battlefield again… oh god, they’re going to do that, aren’t they? It’s totally going to happen, won’t it?

Look, if you don’t understand why I am so excited, you need to go play Titanfall 2. It is out and available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it is one of the best shooters of the generation, with a hell of a campaign. You won’t regret it.

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